Ayurveda is an ancient science which uses natural herbs and their extracts to heal human mind and body. Centuries old texts and scrolls substantiate the research that has gone into this ancient form of medical science.

The fast-paced life of today has seen us drift away from nature, resulting in adverse effects on our health. The mad race that we are running in has disconnected us from nature and we seem to have forgotten to love ourselves and our planet.

We, as resolute practitioners of Ayurveda, aspire to see everyone healthy – physically as well as mentally through natural means. Ayurved Organics Australia was born out of our love for nature and with an aim to connect us all to the basics and thus enjoy holistic wellness through natural means.

Our vision is to make Ayurveda a household name in Australia and to make high quality and safe Ayurvedic products available and accessible to the Australian community. Our products will be distributed to Ayurvedic practitioners in Australia and New Zealand so that they can prescribe these products with confidence and their patients can buy them with an assurance of high-quality and authenticity.

Quintessentially, Ayurveda Mission is our mission i.e.:

“Promote and maintain the health of a healthy individual and treat the illness of a diseased.”